Haropla model kit by Bandai: practical and useful design

(This post is part of the COVID-19 stay home activity series)

“If you are stuck at home, now’s the time to stop procrastinating. Take your unbuilt Gundams, scale models and other kits out of their boxes and start assembling them!”

Thank you for this reminder, Rin. OK, now for the main point of this post: to highlight a very practical and useful feature of the Haropla (Haro Plastic Model Kit) that I have not seen before in any other action figure or model kit.

Many model kits (e.g. Gundam) and figures (e.g. Nendoroid, SH Figuarts) will come with extra spare parts and accessories like additional hands, props and weapons, but nowhere to store them. That’s how many small parts end up getting lost and misplaced, or mixed-up between different figures and model kits.

The Haropla solves this problem by storing EVERY SINGLE SPARE PART on its display base. No more loose parts going missing!

The grey perching stick and Haro’s yellow bottom plate fit onto holes along one side of the base.

Haro in ball form with arms and legs removed, perching stick and bottom plate stored on the base

If you choose to display Haro in the classic ball form, the removed arm and leg parts can be stored under the base in special clip holders.

Base flipped over to show storage function for the removed arms and legs

I am really amazed at the thoughtfulness of the designers for a mere 500-yen model kit! You don’t find this feature on Nendoroids going for 10x the price. The Haropla puzzle-shaped display base can also be fitted to the similar Petit’gguy bases for a combined display.

As for other products, it seems that the chitocerium series of figures / model kits come with a large display base that doubles up as a storage and transport box. This is a useful feature for those wanting to take their figures outside for photoshoots.

LXXVIII-platinum’s sword and skirt can be folded to fit inside (image source)

Hopefully, such practical and useful designs will become the norm instead of being limited to a few products.

(Nerdy postscript: I wonder what other elements will appear? Platinum, atomic number 78, is somehow black and white instead of silver. The next 2 are not metals but Carbon allotropes, atomic number 6. Is ‘adamas’ actually meant to be ‘amorphous’ carbon? With over 100 elements and multiple allotropes, GSC could release ‘fragments’ for decades, if they are popular.)

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