Faith 2020

Good Friday & Easter Sunday: Churches closed
Vesak Day: Temples closed
Ramadan & Hari Raya Aidilfitri: Mosques will probably still be closed

Is religious belief sustained by a mere building? Will people’s faith wither and die if they cannot go to a certain place?

Too many people in this world think that religion is about flashy public displays of piety. But all the major world religions teach that goodness comes from within. All of them encourage kindness, honesty and generosity.

It’s time for all believers to really think about what their religion teaches, and not be dazzled by grand ceremonies and empty speeches.

For the hypocrisy of religious leaders is without bounds
The monks who preach compassion to all living things
And encourage the burning of villages
The preachers who live in luxury
While demanding donations from the working class
The clerics who tell of an afterlife paradise
To justify spreading hate and pain
Opium-dealers to the masses, supported by their hard-earned wages
While they chase the favour of the powerful and corrupt
Look at their splendid edifices, the gilded roofs, the sculptures
Does grandeur make them holier than thou?
The humble homes of the people
May not be holy, but at least
A human heart warms them.


Vesak Day post. Bad verse typed in about 1 hour. I don’t feel like editing much, it will rob it of its spontaneity and true feeling.

I am nominally a Buddhist on official documents, but I don’t particularly participate or practice. I generally dislike any form of organised religion, because it’s usually distorted by rotten human nature into a vehicle for the power-hungry to get rich and influential. You can see how many Buddhist temples have golden roofs, in a religion which emphasises letting go of material things because they are temporary and illusory.

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