DIY Yukata for Obitsu Body 11cm OB11

(This post is part of the COVID-19 stay home activity series)

IMPORTANT: Ensure that the yukata is worn properly, your doll is not a corpse!

Credit: Yukata template (A3 size printable JPG) from

Actually, my mother made this, not me, but I’m posting on her behalf.

Instead of spending money on expensive doll clothes, why not try making your own? This design and size requires very little material, so you can use fabric scraps and leftover ribbon.

The template creator also posted step-by-step photos of the sewing process (link above, scroll down & click the large text link). You can also follow my mother’s technique:

  1. (Inner side) Hem the outer edge of the sleeves.
  2. (Inner side) Sew the two body pieces together at the back.
  3. (Inner side) Hem the body pieces at the front.
  4. (Outer side) Flip the body piece over, the outside should look like this.
  5. (Outer side) Attach the collar piece.
  6. (Inner side) Attach the sleeves and sew them closed, going in an L-shape.
  7. (Inner side) Sew the sides of the body pieces together.
  8. (Inner side) Turn the yukata printed side out, and hem the bottom.

Additional notes:

  • Female yukatas are supposed to have a pleat at the waist, but we skipped this because we don’t want it to be too thick, and it’s not very visible in doll scale. Besides, the Cu-poche ones don’t have the pleat either.
  • My mother used pick stitch / stab stitch to minimise visible stitches. If you use plain fabric, you can use a contrasting continuous back stitch for a decorative hem.
  • This design should also fit Nendoroid Dolls, but you may need to shorten the body pieces by about 1cm since ND has shorter legs than OB11.

[20 Jun 2020 update] If you would prefer to buy a ready-made yukata, my mother’s creations are on sale at Carousell.

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