CHARAT Avatar Maker 人物图创造网站

(This post is part of the COVID-19 stay home activity series)

Bilingual post 双语作文 (中文版

Portrait made with CHARAT FACE

I’ve used the CHARAT.ME avatar maker / character creator / dress-up website on my About page and a previous post. It’s browser-based so there’s no need to download any app or program. It contains a lot more than just face portrait/avatar makers. You can make full-body characters in various styles and side views too!

It’s good for making RPG character and original character portraits if you aren’t able to draw well. The various makers are well-stocked with fantasy and sci-fi outfits, weapons and armour.

If the online makers aren’t able to create your character exactly as you imagine or describe, just save and edit the image, or print it out and trace over it. I’ve printed a page of bald swimwear-clad chibis to use as drawing templates, but I’m not posting it because redistribution isn’t allowed.

The created images are free for non-commercial, personal use, but refrain from redistributing, claiming it as original creation, or selling for profit. Please read their guidelines and FAQ for terms of use.




我曾经使用过CHARAT.ME人物图创造网站,把所创造的头像图贴在About page博文里. 它是网站,无需下载应用程序。除了头像图,也能在CHARAT网站创造不同风格的全身图侧面图





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