Cicero trilogy relationship chart (贵圈真乱)

This is a very belated post about the “Cicero trilogy” by Robert Harris, consisting of the books Imperium, Lustrum and Dictator. The sub-structure is 6 novellas (2 per novel) approximately tracking Cicero’s political career: Senator, Praetorian, Consul, Pater Patriae, Exile, Redux.

This is historical fiction, not alternate history, so it’s not really possible for me to spoil the overall plot or ending. However, some events are heavily extrapolated by the author so there might be spoilers for those parts, especially the circumstances surrounding the Catiline Conspiracy in Lustrum.

So here’s the Character Relationship Chart I drew up after reading the trilogy.

  • Lines: Red for blood relationship, green for marriage, blue for other relationship.
  • 1st and 2nd Triumvirate members marked with upright (^) and inverted (v) triangle respectively.
  • Catiline Conspiracy members marked with orange square. This is based on the novels, mostly the author’s fictional speculation rather than actual historical evidence.
  • Green plus (+) for political allies, red cross (x) for political enemies.
Click to enlarge. Original drawn on A4 sheet.

Even with this mess of names and lines, many characters and relationships were left out because I ran out of space. Also, many relationships changed over the years, which I had to summarise in a single short phrase.


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