Carousell & Facebook Sales Blacklist

I really regret having to create this blacklist, but 3 incidents in less than half a year is just too disappointing.

To sellers and buyers: If you have confirmed a deal, backing out is considered a “bad faith” dealing. It doesn’t matter if it’s refunded or if no payment has been made, an agreement has been made by both parties. Unilaterally cancelling it is grounds for dissatisfaction and blacklisting.


Carousell / CarouPay official account – (Jan 2020) *facepalm* I never thought the company itself would behave like this. I paid $1 to enter their lucky draw, because they promised that non-winners would receive a $3 or $5 promo code to offset their next CarouPay purchase. This code was supposed to be sent out by 31 Dec 2019. As of 7 Jan 2020, I have not received anything despite sending messages in the chat, raising a help request, and commenting on their Facebook page. Are they taking users’ money, hoping that they won’t pursue the $1?

Update: Promo code finally received on 10 Jan, more than a week after their self-imposed deadline. Luckily the item I wanted was still available. After this experience, I won’t respond to any promotions.

Other sellers: Even if the deal is confirmed days ahead, they won’t prepare the item until the very day of the meetup. Then they’ll cancel the deal a few hours before the meetup. I’ve arranged my schedule to accommodate the sellers’ meetup location and timing, and this is how I’m treated?

Facebook – Jia Min Chan / Meesiam (Carousell ‘fluffykittyness’) – (Dec 2019) This seller can agree to meetup on 29 Dec, then a mere 2 days later, tell me “can’t find” the item. I paid for the item on 12 Dec, during a big 2nd-hand item auction by this seller. There were at least 10 other successful auction bidders, I have no idea if they managed to receive their items. For the next 2 weeks, this seller was busy making 10+ posts on her timeline daily and playing games, instead of preparing the items for collection.

(Update 02 Jan 2019) This moron has some nerve. She specifically visited my Facebook “Blacklist” album containing the above screenshots to leave a trolling LOL reaction. I did not tag her, so she took the time to check my profile and troll me, of her own initiative. I have blocked this scum entirely. Lots of time to do such nonsense, too lazy do any actual selling.

Carousell – happycoffee27

(Dec 2019) On the day of meetup, this seller can confirm the deal at 9am and cancel at 12nn.

Note also that the item was not deleted or marked sold even after the seller admitted that it can’t be found.

Earlier, it took at least 2+ weeks and 3 attempts to get a reply. I have no idea how this user manages to get a “very responsive” rating.

Carousell – xiiuwen

(Sep 2019) Same thing, cancelled deal on the day of meetup because “can’t find” the item. Full payment was made upfront a few days ago, but this seller only started looking for the item on the morning of the meetup day.

Also, “might have gifted the top away”? Can’t even remember what you did with it?

Facebook – Chi Tachibana / Chi Dori – (few years ago) A warning sign of an irresponsible person is frequent changing of usernames in order to escape their bad reputation. This seller simply failed to show up at the arranged meeting place twice, without telling me upfront that she can’t come. The first time she claimed illness. Too sick to send a message until night time, apparently. The second time there were no excuses, she just stopped replying.


I thought that getting a buyer to pay 50% deposit upfront for an item would be enough to prevent cancellations, but I was wrong. I bear part of the cost, so it’s a loss if the buyer goes missing in action (MIA). Because I’ve offered alternative meetup locations, postage options, and given multiple warnings, I feel fully justified in blacklisting them.

Carousell – crazy._.kat – (Oct 2019) This buyer went MIA and stopped replying, even though she paid 50% deposit and requested postage/mailing. The final payment never arrived and I put her item up for sale after a few (ignored) warnings.

Carousell – amber837 – (2017) Paid deposit and then went MIA. This user has quite a few other 1-star reviews, so it’s her habit. Don’t ever deal with such people.

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