Sharing some tips on toy and figure photography for beginners

I visited the “Starfest” event a while ago and learned a few things at their Toy Photography booth. I took my Rai on a photoshoot at ADEX earlier this year and it was quite fun posing her and taking photos, so I might do more similar photoshoots in future.

Here are some things I learned at the event. I’m sharing them here for beginners to take note of:

1. Get as close to the toy/figure as possible, and use a low angle. This adds a sense of realism. The figures appear taller, like real people, rather than small objects shot from above. If you are using a backdrop, make sure the edges don’t show. Crop your photo if necessary.

The sand is real, but the trees, boat and sea are just a flat picture backdrop

2. It’s best if the photo tells some kind of story, otherwise it’s just a boring “product photo”. The arrangement of the scene is very important. Show the characters interacting, rather than just a bunch of figures on display.

WRONG: Aliens are looking off to one side, no interaction between the characters in the scene.
CORRECT: Aliens are watching the astronaut, giving a feeling of suspense/menace and sense of the story behind the photo.

3. To get figures to stand up without their bases, you can use Blu-Tack and/or stiff wire hidden behind the figure.

4. Practice makes perfect. Take some small and sturdy toys along with you to shoot during outings or free time. They don’t have to be expensive figures, some photos at the exhibition were created with toys that cost only a few dollars. The concept and composition is more important. Start with simple scenes instead of trying to Photoshop in fancy effects. Learn to walk before you run.

There are plenty of write-ups and example photos online for those who want to know more. Not going to list them, you should know how to search already!

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