Sustainable Living #6/52: A voyage to ADEX 2019

(This post is part of the Sustainable Living series)

Well, I missed an entry due to writer’s block and tiredness, but I hope this one makes up for it. This is a photo post, and will hopefully entertain and educate at the same time.

Voyage to ADEX 2019

Presented by: Rai 雷 from Kantai Collection and Kotobukiya Cu-poche

Photographed by: Me (avatar by Charat)

Cruise with Rai!

“Hi, my name is 雷, meaning ‘Thunder’ in East Asia, regardless of how it’s pronounced*. Officially it’s pronounced ‘Ikazuchi’, but my Captain says it’s too long and always calls me ‘Rai’. I’m finally leaving dry dock on a voyage to ADEX!”

“My Captain even created a matching ocean and wildlife theme itabag for this event.”

“We’ve arrived at the ADEX artist corner. A healthy reef should be full of life like this one, isn’t it beautiful?” (Reef made by Yarn Bombing Singapore)

“A bleached reef is a dead reef, only dead corals and trash are left. High temperatures are the cause, but pollution makes it harder for the reef to recover. Always dispose of rubbish properly!” (Reef made by Yarn Bombing Singapore)

“I made a new friend today! I hope he’ll be safe in the sea. Turtles are threatened by beach destruction, poaching and entanglement in fishing nets. If you see one, don’t harass or chase it, just stay a safe distance and watch.” (Turtle made by Yarn Bombing Singapore)

“Wow! Did you know horseshoe crabs could grow this big? Protection for their habitats like Kranji, Sungei Buloh and Chek Jawa is necessary for them to grow up safely. You can also volunteer to rescue and study horseshoe crabs.” (Exoskeleton from Nature Society Singapore)

“There are many species of sharks living in the waters around Singapore. Uh, smaller sharks, not Great Whites like this one. James Cook University Singapore is doing research to help conserve local shark populations.” (Plush shark from JCU)

“Captain, here’s your ‘no-disposable-plastic’ food & beverage takeaway kit! Remember to pack your straws, water bottle and food box.”

(avatar by Charat)

(Sigh …) Unfortunately, over the weekend at ADEX, I could still see a lot of exhibitors not setting a good example. Lots of single-use plastic cups from LiHo alone at the exhibitor booths, even on the last day of the event.

If I can bring my containers, which I need to carry around the whole day, why can’t the staff bring their own, which can be stored at their booths?

(avatar by Charat)

This situation was probably the result of a lack of planning and communication. The organisers did not mention any concrete actions until about a month before the event, and did not highlight these actions to the exhibitors. The provision of free water refills was hardly mentioned.

Similarly, many exhibitors and booth staff did not take the initiative to adhere to the theme, even on the 4th day of the event. Even if ADEX didn’t ask them to reduce single-use plastics, they should do so on their own, and ask their staff to do the same.

Hopefully, ADEX and the exhibitors can improve their waste reduction actions for future events. They need to set a good example to motivate others to do the same.

Footnote: 雷 meaning ‘thunder’, ideogram indicating rain 雨 over farmland / crop fields 田. Mandarin Chinese: léi (variable depending on provincial dialects and accents). Japanese: ikazuchi / kaminari / rai (the Egyptian hieroglyphics of East Asia).

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