SCP Foundation: Doujin event 3, merchandise, possible art theft

Since my earlier posts have been getting a lot of hits, it’s about time I posted an update about the SCP Foundation‘s appearances outside of the main website.

1. SCP doujin event in Japan “Containment Breach Incident 2019-003”

Containment Breach Incident” is now in its 3rd iteration and will be held on 01 May 2019 in Yokohama. There’s an admission charge though (JPY700).

Yes, it’s listed on the venue website too

3 events in 2 years is very impressive considering that I’m not aware of any such event in SCP Foundation’s origin country (USA). There might have been SCP fans attending general sci-fi / horror conventions or other events, but nothing like this SCP-only dedicated event.

2. Merchandise on Taobao

Search using the phrase “SCP基金会”. I don’t wish to provide any links because of the unfortunate discovery detailed below.

3. Art theft / pirating

China being China, and Taobao being Taobao, means there’s plenty of copying going on. You can find plenty of sellers offering artbooks, postcards etc. consisting of fanart downloaded from online galleries.

Somehow this phenomenon has also spread to the SCP Foundation. It used to be just the SCP logo and name printed on the merchandise, which is probably OK since those were created for the purpose of letting fans DIY their own badges and SCP documents.

Now I’ve found some fanart items up for sale, most likely without permission of the creators. I’m only able to recognise one of the artists: SunnyClockwork.

SunnyClockwork, if you happen to see this, or if anyone is able to contact him/her:

SunnyClockwork: 你的图被盗了!

SunnyClockwork: Your art has been pirated!


I’m quite angry for SunnyClockwork’s sake. After spending so much time making the art, it gets used by someone else to earn a profit, but the artist doesn’t get a cent!

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