Sustainable Living #3/52: Takeaways made easy

(This post is part of the Sustainable Living weekly series)
This post is late, it should have been posted yesterday (Sunday).

If you don’t think that takeaway packaging is a problem, just see how much the “Plastikophobia” creators collected: 18,000 plastic cups in 2 days from 22 out of 144 hawker centres in Singapore (15%). This figure does not include those cups that were removed or self-discarded by the customers, nor the plastic / Styrofoam boxes and plastic bags used for food takeaways.

So you can easily imagine that half a million pieces of single-use plastic is thrown away every 2 days just from hawker centres, in a city of only 7 million people. Still think Singapore’s plastic consumption isn’t excessive?

I’ve been trying to bring my own container, at least for planned takeaways. Unplanned takeaways are still a problem since I often don’t have a container with me.

6 takoyaki balls fit nicely in this reusable food box (free from Health Promotion Board’s “Team More Team Less” roadshow). Silicone food boxes like this one are collapsible and take up less space, so they’re more convenient to bring around. I can even fit this in my handbag.

Some stores will give you a discount if you bring your own container. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf gives 50 cents off, and it doesn’t have to be a tumbler from their shop.

There’s no need to spend a lot of money buying your own containers either. Food boxes, cups and water bottles are often given away free of charge as promotional items. Source for items in this post:

  • Blue silicone collapsible box with spork: free from Health Promotion Board’s “Team More Team Less” roadshow
  • Metal straw set: purchased at $1 from Carousell’s 2018 Xmas promotion
  • Blue cup with lid: free from Standard Chartered

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