No exam, no effort (II)

Well, it seems that MOE has gone ahead and removed all forms of assessment for the first 2 years of primary school, including class quizzes, presentations and other projects.

I’ve written about this before, regarding my concerns about completely removing all rewards and consequences. How will you ensure that the students learn or remember anything when most of them would rather be playing the latest mobile game?

Some things to add on to my previous post:

  • Exams force you to revise the content you may have missed / forgotten. Just hearing about something in class once is not enough to master it. Revising and re-doing engraves the information much deeper.
  • I have been to a few training courses as an adult. The other students were all adults, and hence presumably more responsible and mature than 7-year-old children. Assessments were still performed, in some cases requiring one-on-one sessions with the instructor. If adults still require examinations to check that they have absorbed the information, do you think children can do without them?
  • I’m wondering if the motivation is “I hate exams, my children hate exams, so no exams would be the best.”

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