More accurate food name translations 更准确的食品名称翻译

Mid-Autumn Festival will be here soon, and mooncakes have been on sale since weeks ago. So it’s the right time to post some better translations.


  • 月饼 = moon pie (baked food item with a crust and filling!) instead of “mooncake”
  • 萝卜糕 = radish pudding (soft steamed food item) instead of “carrot cake”. The original mistranslation is because radish is “white carrot” 白萝卜in Chinese.
  • 仙草水 = herbal jelly drink instead of “grass jelly drink”. 草 can mean both grass or other small shrubs and plants e.g. 草莓 = strawberry (plant is small and creeps alonf the ground, but doesn’t resemble grass)
  • Malay kueh / kuih = just use the Malay word. I can’t think of any equivalent Western food category that covers all the varieties. Some are indeed cakes (kuih bahulu) while others are more like puddings (steamed kuih salat and kuih lapis, not be confused with kek lapis which is a baked wheat-flour cake).

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