For tourists visiting Singapore: some tips from a resident


  1. Avoid weekends if possible. There are 5 million people on this very small island, so it gets more crowded on weekends than other countries.
  2. Umbrellas are strongly recommended. It is either hot and sunny or raining.
  3. Casual clothing is recommended due to the heat and humidity. However, you might want to dress up if going to branded stores, fancy restaurants or bars.
  4. Public transport is good (certainly better than the US, although it’s hard to be worse than the US). But if you are not travelling a lot, there’s no need to buy the prepaid card. The card costs $5, non-refundable, excluding stored value. So you will need to take about 20 trips before your fare savings cover the card cost. As with everywhere else on Earth, avoid morning and evening commuter peak hours.
  5. Try to eat during off-peak hours. As a tourist, you have the whole day free anyway. Many restaurants will have off-peak promotions in the afternoons (around 2 to 6pm). You will save money and have a more enjoyable experience with fewer diners crowding the restaurant.
  6. Haze is caused by smoke from plantation fires in Indonesia. Severity and timing vary greatly from year to year, all dependent on the wind direction. Sometimes it is barely noticeable, sometimes it hits unhealthy levels and is visible across a road junction. Occurs mainly during the hot dry season from June to September. This year (2015), the haze episode was quite long and severe (in terms of air quality impact).

3 thoughts on “For tourists visiting Singapore: some tips from a resident

  1. Actually HAZE should be from MAY to SEPTEMBER. I still remember a personal mnemonic from my childhood days; 113 59; 113 means = November till March is North East wind hence the MONSOON season and 59 means = May till September is South West wind hence the HAZE from Sumatra.

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