Must-go free attractions: Los Angeles, Hong Kong

In Singapore you tend to get charged for everything (including that slide at Changi Airport Terminal 3). But this post is not about that.

Here are two strongly-recommended free attractions which I have personally visited and consider a must-go for tourists: the Getty Center in Los Angeles and Edward Youde Aviary in Hong Kong.

Los Angeles: Getty Center

Photos taken by me ages ago before the drought hit California.

The Getty Center is a huge art museum (multiple blocks) showcasing not only paintings but also decorative arts like furniture and ceramics. There are also temporary special exhibitions which are also free of charge. This museum focuses on older Western traditional art, which is great for people like me, who can’t stand the modern nonsense. The location on top of a hill also gives great views.

Since the museum is so big, visitors can easily spend the whole day there browsing through the exhibits.

Hong Kong: Edward Youde Aviary


Me with a friendly lorikeet in the aviary

This is a large-scale walk-in aviary with lots of free-flying birds. Inside it is landscaped as a tropical rainforest, complete with flowing stream. The walkway passes through the aviary at tree height so you can observe the birds easily. They are quite used to humans, which makes them easy to see.

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