Cosplay and doujin / anime / manga / game events 2015 plans

April: Doujima Not really a cosplay event, so just going for simple one: Meiko Project Diva “Graduate” for day 1, and wa-lolita yukata for day 2 after my photoshoot


May: DBS marina regatta still not updated

June: Funan Anime Matsuri Probably Meiko “Bad End Night” and/or Rumia [Touhou] since I’m out of blue contact lenses for the other vocaloids

July: Cosfest

August: EOY and ICDS

Cosplay plans:

  • Meiko [Project Diva above, Bad End Night, Alice Human Sacrifice]
  • Miku [Alice in Musicland]
  • Luka [Bad End Night]

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